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What is LovePacks?

LovePacks is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Mary Leary and Helen Phillips with the help of school counselor, Linda Vaughn, at Bramlett Elementary in 2010. LovePacks works to ensure that children that may suffer from hunger at home have food over the weekend. Lovepacks provides packs on Fridays to students that are subject to hunger. 100% of the packs go to children to help fight hunger in the Oxford-Lafayette community.

Who We Are

We are Master of Business Administration students that have launched a campaign to support LovePacks. 

How We Help

This campaign is designed to sell products for Lovepacks with the intention to raise awareness of the work that Lovepacks does in the Oxford and Lafayette County communities and use the proceeds to provide meals on the weekends to children who, without this service, might not eat. 


Please note that pictures are courtesy of LovePacks, and the children that are photographed are not LovePacks recipients. These are children that have helped get donations for LovePacks. All recipients are kept anonymous. 


Ole Miss MBA Shirt - Local Pickup

Purchase a shirt - Feed a child for one weekend

Price $20

Ole Miss MBA Shirt - Shipped to You

Purchase a shirt - Feed a child for one weekend

Price $24

Support Lovepacks - Lovepacks Shirt

Purchase a shirt - Feed a child for one weekend.

Price: $20

Support Lovepacks - Weekend Bag

Purchase a bag - Feed a child for one 


Price: $20

Lovepacks - Month Bag

Purchase a bag - Feed a child for 4 weekends.

Price: $50

Support Lovepacks - 3 Month Bag - Igloo Cooler

Purchase a cooler - Feed a child for 12 weekends.

Price: $120

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